1. When Can i initiate a return request?
  2. The purchases can be returned within 3 days of delivered item. We believe in Easy and Free Returns and you can return any product you have bought, and we will take care of the return shipping costs. However, this does not apply to promotional or flash sale product. Item less than 100AED value are not eligible for returns. Items with No Warranty are not eligible for returns.

  3. What are the terms and conditions underlined for this request?
  4. Make sure the original packaging, labels and other relevant tags of the purchased item are kept in custody to avail returns/refund, especially under electronic items like Mobile phones etc.

  5. When it is not possible to initiate a return?
  6. There are a few certain scenarios where it is difficult for us to support returns:

    • Product is used, damaged, or is not in the same condition as you received it.
    • Company is not responsible for booting issues.
    • Return requests are initiated outside the specified period, of 3 days from delivery.
    • Specific categories like innerwear, lingerie, socks and clothing freebies, cosmetics etc.
    • Product is not in same conditions as it is received, If t is used or Damaged
    • Defective products, which are covered under the manufacturer's warranty.
    • Company is not responsible for booting issues.
    • Any consumable item, which has been used or installed.
    • Products with missing serial numbers or tampered packaging.
    • Anything missing from the package you have received including price tags, labels, original packing, freebies and accessories. Fragile Items.
    • Just call us to cancel your order, If you wish to return the item after receiving it, you have up to 3 days to return them.
    • The item is not on the Non-Returnable list.
    • You cannot return Clearance Items clearly marked as non-returnable and displaying a No-Return Policy.
    • Only the items with 'Retail Packaging' never opened (Sealed/Closed Box) and still with its Original Seal can be returned.

  7. Can I return the items which i have purchased under promotions?
  8. We do apologize we can't take returns under Flash Sale / Clearness Sale/ Low price clearance or other sales deals. If the product which you have received has any defect please inform the customer service team within 1day of receiving the product. No refund or replacement will be done against these sales products.

  9. Which products are not under return policies?
  10. Any promo or sale items are clearly marked as a No-Return Policy If the item is in Special Offer those items that cannot be returned.

  11. Products which are under below categories?
  12. Products such as lingerie wear, swimsuits , fragrances , skincare and other cosmetics cannot be returned due to hygiene issues. We are unable to offer a refund or exchange on the following item and/or categories

    • Cosmetics
    • Games & Software Products
    • Consumables
    • Clearance & Warehouse Deals
    • Gifts
    • Items on Promotion, Warehouse Sale , Clearance sale ...

  13. If you have received Defective item what to do ?
  14. If the product being returned is not in a fully re-saleable condition, or the packaging is damaged, or accessories, manuals or bundled items may be missing, we reserve the right to refuse a refund on the item.
    In the case of a defected item, please make sure that original packaging is preserved such as labels, accessories, manuals and/or tags; in case of mobile phones

  15. What is the process when return request is accepted?
  16. Once we receive the retuned product from you, we will do the needful after the quality check. Any shipping or delivery charges that may have been incurred by the courier company cannot be refunded and fabbymarketplace.com is not liable for any such refunds.

  17. Will the payment Method matter in case of refund request?
  18. Cash/Card on deliver customer will receive store Credit equal to the price paid, redeemable at fabbymarketplace.com Under credit card payment method, amount will be refunded to the charged card only.

  19. How much time will be taken by courier to collect the returned items?
  20. Usually, Courier representative will contact you within 3-5 days from the day you requested a return.

  21. How ca I get refund through Cash on delivery or online payment?
  22. If you have paid through Cash on Delivery(COD), the money would be refunded in the form of fabbymarketplace.com credit, and you can easily make new purchases.
    If you have paid through credit card then Product should be accompanied with original sales invoice for Refund. Refund for items purchased by credit card will be transferred Only to credit card.

  1. What is FMP Affiliate Program?
  2. The FMP Affiliate Program allows affiliates to earn commissions by referring users to fabbymarketplace.com. Affiliates can earn every time a user makes a purchase on fabbymarketplace.com site through the affiliate's link or store.

  3. What is the initial cost to start this business?
  4. There is no any start up cost.

  5. How do we earn from FMP Affiliate Program?
    • If you currently having a fabbymarketplace.com username and password, you can login and activate your affiliate id from your account.
    • After the activation you can go to the affiliate panel where you will be able to create your own store with your own logo and domain(if you already have).
    • You can invite people to purchase from your store by sending the member invitation code.
    • Whenever the members made purchases, you will get 20% of PV.
    • You can create multiple affilates under you by sending sub-affiliares invitation code.
    • Whenever sales generating from your 5 generation sub-affiliates, you will get 5% of PV from the total sales generated.

  6. What is PV?
  7. Point Value (PV) is a pre-determined value for each product and service to calculate every bonus. PV is almost 10% to 80% of product’s retail price, which may vary depending on product.

  8. What are the different types of bonus?
  9. 1. Social Media Bonus
    2. Retail Bonus
    3. Generation Bonus
    4. Director Bonus
    5. Performance Bonus

  10. How do I create my store in FMP?
  11. You can select and add the prodcuts to your store from Affiliate Panel.

  12. How do I forward my domain to my store in FMP?
  13. Your can check the link : http://members.fabbymarketplace.com/affiliate/domainforwarding.pdf and follow the steps.

  14. What is the difference between Member Invitation and Affiliate Invitation?
  15. The people who registered by using your Member Invitation code is your customers. When they make purchases, you will be getting 20% of PV. The people who registered by using your Sub Affiliate Inviation code is your Sub Affiliates. You can earn 5% of PV from the sales generated under them.

  16. Do I need to sell to succeed in affiliate program?
  17. Yes, because this is absolutely a business opportunity.

  18. How do I sell products?
  19. 1. You can create n number of customers by sending Member Invitation code and encourage them to register and purchase from FMP.
    2. You can advertise your own store. You can earn while the sales going through your store.

  20. What is group bonus?
  21. The bonus which you are getting from the sales generated under your sub affilates are the group bonus such as Generation Bonus, Director Bonus and Performance Bonus.

  22. What is the criteria to get group bonus?
  23. You have to maintain a minimum of 100PV retail (direct) sales to get the group bonus generated in that particular month.

  24. what is the best kind of of Reward plan?
  25. Generation bonus is the best kind of bonus in FMP Affiliate Program. You can enjoy this bonus from your first 5 generation of sub affiliates.

  26. Do I need to recruit people to succeed in affiliate program?
  27. Recruiting people is only the way to enhance your business. If you're not recruiting , you can enjoy social media bonus and retail bonus only.

  28. Can i belongs to more than one?
  29. No

  30. How can I get my money?
  31. You can request for a withdrowal once your wallet reached AED 500 and your payout can be done through Bank Transfer, Cheque and E-Payment to E-wallet.

  32. Need I to keep a minimum balance to purchase from FMP using my wallet?
  33. No

  34. How do I know I will be paid for my referral?
  35. There is no any referral commission in FMP Affiliate Program. You will be getting paid once any sale generated among your sub affilates. You can check your commission in your affiliate panel - sales history.